Libel, in Fact

I am adding links to my posts on the Goldwater-Ginzberg libel trial that appear on  the Psychology Today  website to our laboratory website, for those who might be interested in them.

Libel, in fact (2009, August 2nd)

Libel, in Fact...the 1189 Psychiatrists (2009, August 9th)

Libel in Fact...The Storm Clouds Gather (2009, August 16th)

Libel in Fact: Lawyering Up (2009, August 24th)

Libel in Fact: The Trial Begins (2009, August 31st)

Libel in Fact: Did Senator Goldwater Suffer from a Nervous Breakdown? (2009, Sept. 6th)

Libel in Fact: The Trial's Sexual Politics (2009, Sept. 13th)

Libel in Fact: Pol vs. Poll (2009, Sept. 20th)

Libel in Fact: What Were the Psychiatrists Thinking? (2009, Sept. 27th)

The Fact Poll: Thoughtful Remarks from Respondents (2009, Oct. 4th)

Libel in Fact: For All Its Flaws, Was the Poll of Psychiatrists a Good Idea? (2009, Oct. 11th)

Libel in Fact: Agreement in the Fact Poll? (2009, Oct. 18th)

Libel in Fact: Wild Analysis in the Fact Poll (2009, Oct. 25th)

Libel in Fact: When are Data Good Enough (2009, Nov. 1st)

Libel in Fact: Intuitive Judgments (2009, Nov. 8th)

Libel in Fact: Aspiring  to Rational Judgments Using DSM-I (2009, Nov. 9th)

Libel in Fact: Personality Judgment by Analogy (2009, Nov. 22nd)

Libel in Fact: Juding Sarah Palin vs. Judging Barry Goldwater (2009, Nov. 29th)

Libel in Fact: The Psychiatrists who Knew Goldwater Best (2009, Dec. 6th)

Libel in Fact Magazine: Judging Goldwater by Psychological Theory (2009, Dec. 13th)

Libel in Fact Magazine: The Legal Case So Far (2009, Jan. 24th, 2010)

Libel in Fact Magazine: Defending Free Speech (2009, Jan. 31st)

Libel in Fact Magazine: The Importance of Character Analysis (2009, Feb. 7th)

Libel in Fact: Closing Arguments (2010, Feb. 14th)

Libel in Fact: Instructions to the Jury (2010, Feb. 21st)

Libel in Fact Magazine: The Verdict (2010, Feb. 28th)

Libel in Fact Magazine:  The United States Court of Appeals (2010, March 7th)

Libel in Fact Magazine: Was the Verdict the Right One? (2010, March 21st)

The Fact Magazine Libel Trial: Onto the Supreme Court (2010, March 28th)

The Fact Magazine Libel Trial: Journalistic Accounts (2010, April 4th)

Libel In Fact Magazine: Mr. Ginzburg Goes to Jail (2010, April 18th)

The Fact Magazine Libel Trial: Where Are They Now? (2010, April 25th)

The Fact Magazine Libel Trial: What Happened to Mr. Ginzburg? (2010, May 2nd)

The Fact Magazine Libel Trial: Lessons from Senator Goldwater's Life (and a Note on Mr. Burks) (2010, May 10th)

Libel in Fact Magazine: The Challenge to the American Psychiatric Association (2010, May 17th)

The Goldwater Rule (2010, May 23rd)

Does the Goldwater Rule Restrict Free Speech Too Much? (2010, June 6th)

Note: Posts concerning the judgment of others continued for the next number of weeks in Psychology Today, but this may mark the general closing of those especially relevant to the libel case covered above. ~ JDM



































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