Derrick Angier

Derrick Angier

Graduate Student/ Graduate Assistant

Derrick Angier is a fourth-year graduate student and works in the Personality Laboratory of the Psychology department at the University of New Hampshire. He acquired his B.A.s in both Psychology and History from Dordt University in 2011 and was awarded his M.A. in Personality/Social Psychology in 2019 from the University of New Hampshire.

Research Interests:

Derrick is interested in how aspects of personality and social behavior interact with the playing of video games. He has pursued research surveying those who play video games to measure differences in “Big” traits of personality, personal intelligence, online social behaviors, and video game preferences. Future research directions will include parsing out how individuals’ personalities relate to specific video game-based behaviors, like engaging in aggressive communication with others, and how personal intelligence may or may not affect when an individual chooses to act with aggressive or pro-social behaviors. Though video games have so far been his focus, much of this area of research could apply to other areas of online social interactions such as social media and remote teaching, topics that Derrick plans to explore. Derrick has used the concept of lifespace data to gather measurable, specific, environmental markers of personality, a technique that may help illuminate otherwise nebulous personality characteristics and patterns, and he plans to continue using this form of data in future research.



Derrick has previously taught “Introduction to Psychology” (PSYC 401) in the Fall of 2019 and Spring 2020.

He is scheduled to teach “Statistics in Psychology” (PSYC 402) in the Fall of 2020.


Derrick has worked as a Teaching Assistant in the following courses:

-“Research Methods in Psychology” (PSYC 502)

-“Personality” (PSYC 553)

-“Child Development” (PSYC 581)

-“Tests and Measurement” (PSYC 705)

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