Jules Santangelo

Jules Santangelo

Research Assistant

Jules Santangelo is a Honors Sophomore Psychology major with a Culinary Arts minor. She is in the sorority Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. Jules is a Teaching Assistant in Personality Psychology for Fall 2020.

Jules is a Research Assistant for Hannah Lightcap’s research project entitled “Exploring Personal Intelligence and Health” which is about how people’s health goals correlate to their personal intelligence. She has rated 275 participant health goals and personality narratives for this project. Her goal in completing this research is to build critical thinking skills and broaden her knowledge about the field of research.

Jules hopes to someday work in neuropsychology and research is a great starting point for this field. Thus, the research opportunity with Hannah is preparing her for her future career goals.

Some fun facts about Jules: she is a manager at her local coffee shop, having worked there for 4 years and she’s the oldest standing employee. She also loves to cook and bake, which lead her to my dream of owning her very own ice cream shop.