Graduate Students

Sophie Alpert 2020-current. M.S. Oceanography: Thesis: Paleoseismology in the Japan Trench


Douglas MacLeod 2018-2020. M.S. Geology: Thesis: Characterization of a silty methane-hydrate reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico: Analysis of full sediment grain size distributions


Kellen McArthur 2015-current. M.S. Geology (co-advised with Ruth Varner):

Thesis: Paleo-limnology in Subarctic Sweden


Chris Horruitiner 2015-2018.  M.S. Geochemical Systems (co-advised with Ruth Varner):

Thesis: Assessing the impact of macrophyte abundance on methane dynamics in a discontinuous permafrost lake system, Stordalen Mire, Sweden. 

Claudio Argentino: 2017. Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. student, University of Modena and

Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Miocene Seeps, Apennines Italy


Sarah Turner: 2016-2018. M.S. Geochemical Systems: Thesis: Tracking Sulfur Diagenesis in

Methane Rich Marine Sediments on the Cascadia Margin: Comparing Sulfur Isotopes of Bulk Sediment and Chromium Reducible Sulfur


Dylan Lundgren: 2014-2016. M.S. Geology:  Thesis: Assessing Bottom Sediment Methane

Concentrations and the Extent of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in the Great Bay Estuary, New Hampshire


Steve Phillips: 2010-2015. Ph.D. Oceanography: Dissertation: Unraveling Depositional and

Diagenetic Signals in Magnetic Susceptibility in Methane-bearing Sediments along the Indian, Cascadia, and Japanese Margins


Tom Cawthern: 2007-2013 Ph.D. Earth and Env. Sci. NRESS: Dissertation: Reconstructing the

Late Miocene to Recent Volcanic, Geologic, and Oceanographic Evolution in the Andaman Sea and Northern Bay of Bengal, Northeast Indian Ocean


Ed Sweeney: 2005-2008. M.S. Ocean Mapping (co-advised with Jim Gardner and Larry

Mayer): Thesis: The Origin of an Anomalously Low Backscatter Region on the Seafloor along the Atlantic Continental Slope.