Digital Analysis

I really grew with using these digital tools and became quite fond of them as the semester progressed. For starters, I would say the song presentation may have had the biggest impact on my understanding and utilization of digital analysis. I reflected on three of my peer’s presentations: Lucas’s about “Old Town Road”, Brittany’s about “Super Rich Kids”, and Trevor’s about “Ghost!”. I was impressed by all three, but I think I took away the most in terms of how to use digital analysis from Lucas’s presentation. He used Genius lyrics website to show a color coordinated and visually appealing display, getting you hooked on what he was sharing. He then used his knowledge of other media platforms like Soundcloud and Twitter to relate to his song, and even googled during the video to show he was learning with us at times. I think the song presentation’s were an extremely useful way for us students to show songs we are interested in, but also to work with digital tools that can be used to create a deeper conversation about what things mean.

Lastly, another one of my favorite assignments was the “Breaking up by Text” assignment. I found it so much fun and part of that was due to the incorporation of memes into a homework assignment. This was certainly a first for me but it made me realize how much education and society is changing. We can now teach and interact with others using jokes and memes through the internet. This has changed and will continue to shape the way we talk to others, particularly romantically. This assignment was both a fun and hilarious way to digital asses student’s favorite memes and what upsets them about our new digital world.


As you can see I have linked my projects and assignments that have had to do with digital analysis. At first, I was skeptical that these assignments would have any real impact on my development as an english student but I was dead wrong.  The N-Gram assignment and the quizzes that had me used voyant really opened my mind to how a piece of literature can be digested, using helpful tools and methods and not just on hypothesizing and guessing. The breaking up by text assignment gave me a look at how much social media and technology has changed our society, and the impacts that the digitization of our world has on society. The song presentations were a fun look at what goes into the meaning of a song and how we often pass up the lyrics for how something sounds. Digital analysis is so important because it shapes how we read, listen, and digest many different forms of media.