John Blasi: Firm Partner. Specializes in injury and wrongful death cases

Paul Blasi: Firm Partner. Specializes in inhertiance law, divorce law.



"I have not yet said anything condemnatory of Mr. Rochester’s project of marrying for interest and connexions. […] All their class held these principles: I supposed, then, they had reasons for holding them such as I could not fathom. It seemed to me that, were I a gentleman like him, I would take to my bosom only such a wife as I could love." -Jane Eyre

Jane's reaction prior to the wedding was a big reason for Paul Blasi, firm partner, to step in and sort it out (after all, he is a big divorce law expert). He felt it unfair Jane could be pushed around like this and treated powerless. She doesn't understand why a man would ever marry for money rather than love, something that will eventually crush her to find out Rochester did with Bertha.

"Again I questioned; but this time only in thought. 'Where is that region? Does it exist?' And I clasped my arms closer around Helen; she seemed closer to me than ever; I felt as if I could not let her go; I lay with my face hidden on her neck." -Jane Eyre

This quote on the other hand got John Blasi to step in, another firm partner. He deals with wrongful death and compensationa and after hearing how sad and traumatized Jane was after Helen falling to consumption, he knew he had to step in.

These examples are why the two attorneys here at Blasi & Blasi are so well regarded and nationally known. We hear of distress or trouble in someone's life and we jump up as quick as we can and act on it!