JP AvatarPietlicki, John - Tech Geek (formerly "UNH Web Guy")

Hi There! You've reached the home page of a green, humanoid-type male with a receding hairline (note the photo on the left), who has occupied this planet for 59 solar years (or so).

During the day I am an Information Technologist at the University of New Hampshire and a relatively late blooming computer user. After 12 years in the construction industry I was lucky enough to get the proverbial "foot in the door" of computing, and I have been descending into the depths of dweebdom ever since.

In my spare time I enjoy the occasional walk in the park or trip to the mountains, generally getting outside whenever I can. On rainy days I like to read, listen to music, watch sports, and fantasize that I will someday A) get really good at playing the guitar, and B) learn to fly fish well enough so that I don't end up with a hook in my ear (thank goodness for rainy days).

Spring, summer and fall (especially fall) in New Hampshire can enliven the mind and enrich the soul (huh?), but winters can sometimes be tough to deal with. I manage to get through the winters by regularly attending UNH Men's Hockey games. Beyond that it's usually back to fantasizing about the stuff mentioned above.

But enough about me - what about you? Do we share any interests? If you have nothing better to do feel free to drop me a line the old fashion way and let me know how you stumbled onto my page. It may not be much to look at, but hopefully it brought a little humor into your life. No worries, eh?!


Believe it or not, this page was last updated sometime in 2019.