Demonstration of Video Embed

Embedding a video into a myPages content entity, like this basic Page, is quick and easy:

Get your video code from MediaSpace:

  1. Log into MediaSpace ( and navigate to the video you want to embed
  2. Click on the "Share" tab
  3. Click on the oEmbed sub-menu and copy the URL code

Embed your video:

  1. Log into myPages ( and navigate to, or create, the site page or content area you wish to embed a video into
  2. Edit the site page or content area
  3. Position your cursor where you want your video to show up within the content area, and then click on the "Media browser" button in the toolbar
  4. Click on the "Embed from the web" tab
  5. Paste in the URL code, and then click on the Submit button
  6. Next, hit the Save button, and your video embed should appear in the position of your cursor

The video below is embedded using oEmbed code: