Katharine Anne Duderstadt


  • Harvard College                       Cambridge, MA    English and American Lit. & Lang.  A.B., 1990
  • The University of Michigan   Ann Arbor, MI      Atmospheric and Space Sciences    Ph.D., 1999



  • Research Scientist, Earth Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire   2012-present
  • Physics and Earth Science Teacher, Newton North High School, Newton, MA             2007-2011
  • Science Curriculum Writer, Weblessons/Learners Online                                                 2006-2007
  • Postdoctoral Research, Atmospheric and Space Sciences, University of Michigan        2000-2001
  • Graduate Research Asst., Atmospheric and Space Sciences, University of Michigan    1994-1999
  • Graduate Teaching Asst., Atmospheric and Space Sciences, University of Michigan    1992-1994
  • United States Peace Corps Volunteer, Kazincbarcika, Hungary                                      1990-1992



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Synergistic Activities

• Leadership and Management: Coordinator of the New England Arctic Network (NEAN) ( This role includes leadership of NEAN-sponsored workshops, including the NSF NNA Growing Convergence Workshop “Preparing for a Northwest Passage, a Workshop on the Role of New England in Navigating the New Arctic.”

• Atmospheric modeling: Sillman Photochemical-Transport Model (The University of Michigan); EPA Models-3 Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model (CMAQ); NCAR Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model / Community Earth System Model (WACCM/CESM).

• WACCM/CESM modeling experiments on NCAR Bluefire, Yellowstone, Cheyenne HPC systems calculating atmospheric ionization rates, NOy production and O3 loss, and nitrate deposition from energetic particles. Hosted WACCM liaison Michael Mills at UNH through the UCAR UVisit program. Research Advisory Committee for the CC-NIE UNH Science DMZ (NSF #1340972), facilitating the use of NCAR WACCM products as a case study for high-speed data sharing during the construction of the UNH ScienceNet.

• Education and Outreach: UNH ESCI 896.05 & 796.05: Global Atmospheric Chemistry (2018, 2020); UNH PHYS440AH  "Searching for Our Place in the Universe" (2021), Advised three undergraduate UNH students in independent research. Physics & Meteorology Teacher Newton Public Schools (2007-2011); Newton Teacher Residency certification program 2008-2009 (Physics and Earth Science); Special Education team science teacher (2009-2011); Educational Software Consultant, Concord Consortium 2010-2011; NNHS Blended Learning Task Force 2010-2011; Science Curriculum Writer, Weblessons/Learners Online 2006-2007; Blue Ocean Society Discovery Center volunteer (2016); U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (high school, college, hospital staff, (1990-1992).

• Other: Intern for U.S. Senator Donald Riegle (MI) (1989) (focus on Clean Air Act Amendments); Westinghouse Science Talent Search Top 40 (1985).