Katharine A. Duderstadt is a Research Scientist in the Earth Systems Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. Her research focuses on chemical transport modeling, ranging from the troposphere to the upper atmosphere on both regional and global scales. Recent projects involve the effects of energetic particles from the Sun, radiation belts, and galaxy on the composition and chemistry of the upper atmosphere, including searching for signatures of past solar activity and solar events in polar ice cores.

She also helps promote interdisciplinary research initiatives that involve air pollution and climate change.  She currently organizes and leads the UNH Arctic Network and the New England Arctic Network (NEAN); is co-organizer of an NSF Coastlines and People Workshop focused on Northern New England; participates in an internally funded UNH CoRE TIGERS initatiave to use geospatial tools to study political conflict and air pollution in the Middle East; and is a member of a UNH MIST INEA team exploring possibilities for engaged research partnerships with Indigenous communities in New England and the Arctic.

K. Duderstadt teaches Global Atmospheric Chemistry at UNH and, having spent 6 years in the high school classroom (including serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer), maintains a strong commitment to training the next generation of environmental scientists and global leaders.  

Research Scientist

Earth Systems Research Center
The University of New Hampshire 
Durham, NH 
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Ph.D. Atmospheric and Space Sciences, The University of Michigan
A. B.  English and American Literature and Language, Harvard 
Tropospheric Ozone Photochemistry
Air Pollution Transport and Chemistry
Impacts of Energetic Particles on Stratospheric Ozone
Solar Influences on Climate
Interdisciplinary Arctic Research and Scholarship
Other Experiences
US Peace Corps Volunteer, Kazincbarcika, Hungary
Newton Teacher Residency
Physics Teacher, Newton North High School, MA