Burning Light of Lowood

An Interview with Miss Temple

Lowood - Jane Eyre's time spent at Lowood is muddled with sickness, death, and deceit carried out in a way that might keep her from achieving her true potential. Amidst the shoddy teachers and shoddy quality of the building, Jane Eyre becomes a very bright student.

Miss Temple along with Jane Eyre's friend Helen Burns, gave Eyre their time and inspired her through their close support. In particular, Miss Temple watched Eyre rise above the other students and had a first hand view of how she took what little Lowood had to offer and used it for her advantage.

Q: "So you knew Jane fairly well, correct?"

A: "Yes, she interested me very much."

Q: "When did that idea begin to take place for you?"

A: "It occured right around the time that she was declared a liar to the rest of the school."

Q: "What did you think of that declaration? Why did you follow up on that?"

A: "Well, just because this is a charity school does not mean that we all do not care. My duty as the superintendent is to take care of every aspect of the school. The way she grieved, I knew a child should not have to be put through that torment especially from someone much older than she. However, more importantly I saw potential in her."

Q: "Can you describe this potential please? It is stated in the book that Jane, 'improved from practice... was promoted to a higher classe.'"

A: "Well Jane documents it quite well. After we came together to solve the whole "liar" fiasco, Jane goes into detail about how well she began to excel. She began to recieve high marks and progress very well through the curriculum. I think all she really needed was some type of older mother like figure to believe in her."

Q: "So that is why you brought her into the office that night? To consol the girl that 'cried her grief away?'"

A: "When I entered the room I had only the intention to see her side. However, after seeing how distraught she was, I knew something was wrong with her. Then when she told us about Mrs. Reed and her treatment there I knew all she needed was that nudge I gave her."

Q: "Do you remember what she said specifically that alarmed you? There must be something."

A: "It was the idea of abandonement. The one thing that the charity school was supposed to absolve. It was when she said, 'she (Mrs. Reed) was sorry to have me' that I realized she went from being no one there to being no one at Lowood. At that moment I knew that this girl was strong and had potential just no one was looking out for her."

Q: "Our last question Miss Temple, what do you really think about Jane Eyre?"

A: "Well, it was that she proved me right. I was glad to see tht after all that she still stuck around the school. Clearly, I made the right choice and helped her find a home at Lowood. I know that she definitely changed other young girls lives like I helped change hers."