Thornfield - For Jane Eyre Thornfield was a proving ground on multiple occassions. From excelling at her job, to being a helping hand, to proving she could be a proper lady and an excellent wife, she did it all at this estate. This estate may have held the most obstacles for her. 

In many cases she was never prepared to handle this obstacles. One could never be prepared to put out a man set to fire. Nothing can prepare a woman for that. However, the simplest thing she was ready for was the one thing she was taught at Lowood. The tutoring of Adele.

It was here that she proved herself worthy of everything else to come. Everything that she was taught at Lowood was reflecting in how well she performed her duty at Thornfield. Adele, as spoiled and excited she is, was no match for Eyre's persistence. "No injudicious interference from any quarter ever thwarted my plans for her improvement," Jane wrote.

After a period of time the two bonded and lessons came easy. The child settled as much as a child can and began to grow fond to Jane Eyre. "It was really nice when she, 'became obedient and teachable,'" Eyre said. "It was then that I knew that I was going to enjoy my time there and that I truly was proud of myself for exceeding my own expectations."

Even Adele can admit that Jane Eyre was a good addition to the house. A much older Adele can agree. "When Jane first came to the estate I was honestly worried about what she would be like," Adele said. "It did not take long before we bonded and became friendly to each other."

For Jane Eyre, Thornfield was not just another estate that she would live it. It was her defining moment. When everything came to fruition. Jane Eyre did not know it at the time but taking her next job as a governess at Thornfield was her first step into a world that she would come to love.