Compton Imaging Telescope (on CGRO)

One of four experiments on the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO), COMPTEL was a Compton telescope that imaged 0.75-30 MeV photons and 20-200 MeV neutrons. UNH was one of four institutions (and the only US institution) involved in the development and fabrication of COMPTEL. Launched in 1991 by the Space Shuttle, it remained operational until the termination of the mission in June, 2000. I joined the COMPTEL teamin 1987 just in time to participate in pre-flight calibration activities. At UNH, I coordinated the activities of the local COMPTEL Data Reduction Group (DRG) and the local software management of the COMPTEL analysis software (the COMPTEL Processing and Analysis Software package, or COMPASS). I have been involved in several scientific studies using COMPTEL data, including studies of galactic compact objects, solar flaresgamma-ray bursts, and atmospheric radiations.