56Co gamma-rays from SN1998bu: COMPTEL upper limits


Plueschke S, Georgii R, Diehl R, Collmar W, Lichti G, Schoenfelder V, Bloemen H, Bennett K, McConnell M, Ryan J. 56Co gamma-rays from SN1998bu: COMPTEL upper limits. [Internet]. Submitted.


The type Ia supernova SN1998bu in M96 was observed by COMPTEL for a total of 88 days starting 17 days after the first detection of the supernova. The accumulated effective observation time was 4.14 Msec. The COMPTEL observations were performed in a special instrument mode improving the low-energy sensitivity. We generated images in the 847 keV and 1238 keV lines of 56Co, using improved point spread functions for the low-energy mode. We do not detect SN1998bu. A spectral analysis of our data also confirms the non-detection of the supernova. We discuss the event for which our upper limits constrain the standard supernova models.


4 pages, 3 figures, accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 4th INTEGRAL workshop, to appear in ESA-SP series