Beam test results for the FiberGLAST instrument


Mallozzi RS, Kippen RM, Pendleton GN, Paciesas W, Richardson GA, Phengchamnan S, Karr G, Wallace DB, Fishman GJ, Parnell TA, et al. Beam test results for the FiberGLAST instrument, in SPIE Proceedings. ; 1999.


The FiberGLAST scintillating fiber telescope is a large-area instrument concept for NASA’s GLAST program. The detector is designed for high-energy gamma-ray astronomy, and uses plastic scintillating fibers to combine a photon pair tracking telescope and a calorimeter into a single instrument. A small prototype detector has been tested with high energy photons at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. We report on the result of this beam test, including scintillating fiber performance, photon track reconstruction, angular resolution, and detector efficiency.