The Comptel 1.809 Mev Survey


Plueschke S, Diehl R, Schoenfelder V, Bloemen H, Hermsen W, Bennett K, Winkler C, McConnell M, Ryan J, Oberlack U, et al. The Comptel 1.809 Mev Survey. [Internet]. Submitted.


We present the latest update of the 1.809 MeV sky survey obtained with COMPTEL. Based on all observations taken since the launch of CGRO in spring 1991 to early summer this year we obtain 1.809 MeV all sky maps using different imaging methods. The background is modelled on the basis of an adjacent energy approach. We confirm the previously reported characteristics of the galactic 1.809 MeV emission, specifically excesses in regions away from the inner Galaxy. The observed 1.8 MeV gamma-ray line is ascribed to the radioactive decay of 26Al in the interstellar medium. 26Al has been found to be predominantly synthesised in massive stars and their subsequent core-collapse supernovae, which is confirmed in tracer comparisons. Due to this, one anticipates flux enhancements aligned with regions of recent star formation, such as apparently observed in the Cygnus and Vela regions.


4 pages, 5 figures, accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 4th INTEGRAL workshop, to appear in ESA-SP series