Undergraduate students are regularly involved in my research.  Most often students are involved in research without any formal research project.  Sometimes, however, their work is formalized in some fashion. Here is a list of formal students projects that I have supervised:

Thomas Munroe (2018)
Senior Thesis: Measuring Albedo Neutron Flux using Neutron Capture on Hydrogen

Charlie Nitschelm (2017)
REAP Summer Project: Searching for Gamma-Ray Polarization in Solar Flares

Hunter Anderson (2016)
REAP Summer Project: Gamma-Ray Polarization Measurements with CGRO/COMPTEL

Morgan Daly (2015)
REAP Summer Project:  Studying the Neutron Radiation Response of COMPTEL

Jonathan Wurtz (2012)
Undergraduate Research Conference (2012):  Gamma Ray Polarimeter Simulation and Development

Shirley Dame (2011)
Senior Thesis: A Study of the Orbital Neutron Albedo Flux with COMPTEL
Undergraduate Research Conference (2011): Measuring Atmopsheric Neutrons from Space

Tuyen Nguyen (2008)
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project (UROP):  INTEGRAL Analysis of a 2.2 MeV Source Candidate
Undergraduate Research Conference (2008): INTEGRAL Analysis of a 2.2 MeV Source Candidate

Eric Foley (2003)
Senior Thesis:  Imaging the Gamma-Ray Sky at 2.2 MeV

Leila Mizouni (2002)
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project (UROP):  A Study of Gamma-Ray Emissions from a Black Hole Binary System