Meet some of the Faculty engaged in exciting and innovate research and teaching in the Medical Humanities. 



Susan Curry

Susan Curry  Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies

A classical scholar interested in portrayals of human and animal embodiment and in using drama in healing environments.

Courses: CLAS 550: Sex/Desire In Greece and Rome



Willem DeVries -- Philosophy

A metaphysician and epistemologist intersted in the philosophy of mind, especially as it relates to embodiment.

Courses: PHIL 630: Neuroscience and Philosophy




Marion Dorsey

Marion Dorsey -- History and Justice Studies   

Studies the intersection of medicine, warfare, and public health. 



Michelle Gibbons -- Communication

Studies rhetoric of science and is interested in neuroscience and public culture.


Casey Golomski

Casey Golomski -- Anthropology

 A cultural and medical anthropologist and Africanist interested in exploring religion, gender and medicine across the human life course and cross-culturally.

Courses:  ANTH 610: Medical Anth:Illness & Healing   ANTH 685: Gender, Sex, HIV Sub-Sahara Africa    ANTH 695: Global Population & Health


James Krasner -- English


An expert in British Victorian literature with an interest in embodiment, space, and animals.



Jill McGaughy – Psychology

A neurobiologist interested in the operation of attention and executive function.

Courses: PSYC 531: Psychobiology    PSYC 733: Drugs and Behavior    PSYC 736: Attention Disorders




Elizabeth Mellyn

Elizabeth Mellyn  -- History          Elizabeth.Mellyn@unh.edu

Studies the history of medicine and mental illness in Early Modern Europe, and is interested in the intersection of landscape, environment, and disease.




Paul Robertson -- Classics, Humities, and Italian Studies

A classical scholar interested in the neuroscience of religion.

Courses: HUMA 526: Humanities and Science: The Cognitive Science of Religion


Julia Rodriquez

Julia Rodriguez -- History

A scholar of the history of public health and forensic science, with a particular interest in childhood.

Courses: HIST 498: Childhood in Global History