• lia cook

    Weaving Neuroscience

    Textile artist Lia Cook uses neural mapping to create woven fabrics

  • Australian infantry gas masks

    Poison Gas in WWI

    Learn about the history of medicine in warfare, such as the use of poison gas in WWI.

  • mm

    The Mad Among Us

    Prof. Elizabeth Mellyn's Discovery course on the history of mental illness.

  • Kalaupapa village cliffs on Molokai

    Leper Colonies

    The nineteenth-century leper colony on Molokai is one example of the intersection of imperial politics and medical research.

  • Josse Lieferinxe Plague

    The Plague

    Early Modern medical practice was profoundly impacted by the plague.

  • Sedlec ossuary

    Sedlec Ossuary in Prague -- the Bone Church

    Western anxieties about death have had profound impacts on the understanding of bodies in religion, science, and medicine.

  • golomski
  • metaphys

    The Metaphysics of Gender

    The Metaphysics of Gender argues that a social individual's gender is uniessential to it.