Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for expressing interest in Psychology of Language. In this blog, I will be reading journal articles and writing about my thoughts and feelings of what I just learned! I hope to actually teach the process of language to those who may not be experts on the subject. I hope to make this a fun, interactive experience for all of my followers.

In this blog, we will focus on the following topics. First we're going to explore what exactly is language and how to define it. To me, it's extremely difficult even for the experts to clearly define this concept. Then we're going to talk about animals and explore this question: can animals learn human language? Next we'll be exploring language acquisition, or the process of language development among children. Next, we'll explore thought processes in language, then the meaning behind these thoughts. Then we'll talk about words and understanding behind languages. Then we'll explore the concept of bilinguism which I am sure you all will find very interesting. Finally, our last topic will explore language disorders and how that affects language processes.

Again, thank you for exploring Language and the Psychological processes behind it. I look forward to my posting my first blog and to hearing from you!