My name is Melanie and I am thrilled to start working with this website to spread awareness on the current issues within animal welfare. Animals are companions to humans, and the least we could do is help to give them a voice . Within this website are important issues that concern different types of animals and how people are fighting against the maltreatment of animals. One of the issues that I discuss in my Rhetorical Analysis is the mistreatment of elephants in circuses. There is horrifying evidence of the abuse that these animals face. Due to my research, I am more educated on the issues that occur within the entertainment industry regarding animals. These issues deserve to be heard by the media. This is why I want to share concerning matters like this on my website. 

As well as sharing these issues, I want to provide the right resources for people to help these animals. I included different links to websites where people can help transport animals to no kill shelters. I have included these links under the menu heaing titled "Organizations." Many volunteers are needed in order to make this happen. Also, in my PSA, I included websites where people will be able to search for dogs in shelters when they are looking to adopt. This is an essential piece of information in order for more animals in shelters to survive. Many are euthanized simply because there is no space for them. Be the one to make a difference!

I hope this site will be used as a tool for those who would like to get involved in helping animals find homes, and simply to be educated on the issues of animal welfare. I feel that these issues need to be more present on the web, and by making this site public, I am hoping to capture the attention of individuals who are motivated to make a difference. Feel free to leave any questions or comments on any sections of the site, and I hope you all will learn more about animal welfare. 

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