Exercise 10


Types of Rich Media Sourcing

YouTube Video-

            This source from Youtube is going to be valuable in my PSA because it will help to persuade the viewer to adopt rather than buy an animal. Seeing the effects of a real adoption from a shelter will hopefully steer the viewer to look into local shelters to adopt their pet from. I have a few videos from YouTube that I am going to include in my PSA. YouTube is a great place to find valuable and persuasive material to get a message across. I have used many videos in the past for school projects, as well as media projects . As well as persuading the viewer,  I think by including this form of rich media in my PSA, the video as a whole will be more interesting. Often times PSA’s may consist of text accompanied by a series of images in the background. Personally, when I see these types of videos, my attention is easily lost. By having clips of videos in this PSA I believe that the viewer will be focused and engaged, a reaction that is necessary if one is trying to persuade a particular audience. In my case, the audience is prospective pet owners, and by having clips of YouTube videos in my PSA, viewers will be more inclined to adopt pets rather than buying them.

TheDodoSite. “Shy Dog Is SO Excited To Be Rescued | The Dodo.” YouTube, YouTube, 30 Sept. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY4MItbYVBw.


Image (From Web)-

            Images are very effective in terms of appealing to ethos. Especially with the topic that I am focusing on, images of dogs in overcrowded shelters will most likely trigger an emotional response in the viewer. In this PSA, I am going to use a few images in between the video clips that I am including. As the pictures appear on the screen, I am going to insert text and include statistics on animal shelters and overcrowding. I am only going to include a few images because I have observed in other PSA’s that sometimes people will only include images with text, and this often loses the viewer’s interest. I have selected an image from the web that is a visual representation of my issue. There are many photos like this one that would  be effective in my PSA, so I need to narrow down the ones that I think would be most effective. Also, I have volunteered at the New Hampshire SPCA and I have a few photos of the animals that I saw there as well that I may include in my video. Overall, images are valuable tools of visual representation when trying to convey an important message such as animal shelter overcrowding. They often result in an emotional response from those who view the video, and as a result the message will stay with the viewer over a period of time.

Brabb , Mitzi. “Animals Face Hard Times at Overcrowded Shelter.” Www.blogspot.com , Rim Country Gazette , 17 July 2010, 2.bp.blogspot.com/_XIo1moyATDs/TEJef2xKD_I/AAAAAAAABqM/IvSvgxJs1rM/s1600/Shelter+dogs.JPG.



            I plan on using audio, specifically music, within my PSA to reveal the emotional value of the video itself.  In the beginning of the PSA, I am going to insert images, and place text over them. The music is going to be sad at first in order to highlight the importance of getting these animals out of kill shelters. Then, halfway through the video, the music is going to transition into a more upbeat tone. During the second half of the video, I am going to insert a video of a dog getting adopted, showing his ecstatic reaction. Then, this is when the text “how you can help” will appear. This transition represents the hopeful outcome of what will happen if one adopts an animal from a shelter. The music represents a shift in tone, and acts as a foreshadowing device to indicate whether the video is somber or happy. Especially in  the case of a topic that involves animals, music will help to bring out more of an emotional reaction in the viewer.

Sad song that will be used in the beginning of PSA:

Méndez , Jorge. “Cold.” Silhouettes .


I am going to include text in my PSA as well, in order to inform viewers of the statistics that I have found throughout my research. The text that I will use is either from databases or websites that I researched online when I was writing my proposal. I plan on inserting this text over still images as well as over the video clips that will be included in the PSA. As well as text from outside sources, I am going to include slogans and persuasive text such as “adopt don’t shop” and “what you can do to help.” I wanted to include text that would directly address the viewer so they feel a more personal connection toward the topic, and hopefully will realize that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals. Imaging as a whole will be beneficial in getting the message across, which is to adopt animals rather than buying them. Theoretically, the viewers will see the images of these animals and feel as though they hold the power to save them from overcrowded shelters.

Example of text: This is one of my sources that I found from a database when researching for my animal transport proposal.

Simmons, Kaitlyn E, and Christy L Hoffman. Dogs on the Move: Factors Impacting Animal Shelter and Rescue Organizations’ Decisions to Accept Dogs from Distant Locations. pp. 1–15, Dogs on the Move: Factors Impacting Animal Shelter and Rescue Organizations’ Decisions to Accept Dogs from Distant Locations, eds.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=13&sid=73307dce-b172-46ce-8792-845933f47182%40sessionmgr103.