Exercise 2


MyPages Site Feedback

After browsing through different student’s pages, I was drawn to “Haley Zanga’s” page. She uses many different illustrations and diagrams to help the reader better understand the message she is trying to get across. I noticed that many other students added visuals as well. I believe that this is a great way to capture people’s attention, rather than reading a lengthy page of text. Also, I noticed that she and some other students collaborated on a few screencasts, explaining what they had learned. In the beginning of every screencast, they give specific questions that they will be answering throughout the video. I think this is a very effective way in simplifying information into terms that are easier to comprehend.

Haley’s page initially drew me in with her Tropical Marine Biology tab. I was drawn in by the post about the connections between sunscreen and coral reef extinction. Recently, I have heard about this finding, so my attention was instantly on this post. Personally, I am interested in wildlife and animals which is the one of the focuses of her blog. Honestly, there was nothing on her page that drew me back. Her site clearly demonstrates the time and work that she has done on the environment. Based on what I see on her site, I am very impressed with all the information she has provided. Every post has a connection to the next, whether it be about a particular species or the environment as a whole. This way, the site is easy to follow and eliminates any possible confusion.

Based on what I have seen on Hayley's site, I think that I will make my page available to the public. Her site has educated me on issues that I have never even heard of before. If her site were to be private, then she would not have been able to spread as much awareness of the issues that her site discussed. Her site has actually given me inspiration for my own. I believe that I want to focus on animals, specifically on animal welfare and animal rights. By making my site public, I could spread awareness of the cruelties that animals face on a day to day basis. Not only could I use this site to spread awareness, but also as a tool for future employment opportunities after college. I am a first-year undeclared student who may very likely change her major a few times, like many students do. Even if I do not end up pursuing a career in animal sciences, I could still use the website as a way of presenting the work that I have completed throughout my college career. On the other hand, I understand why people may want to keep their sites private. There is a risk that someone may try to replicate their work or use their findings without permission. Therefore, keeping the site public would eliminate this possibility. Also, people may not be comfortable in publishing their work because the topic that they are writing about is personal. Even with these factors, I know that I want to keep my site public because I believe that spreading awareness for my cause is the most important outcome to get out of this project.

Based on the student pages that I visited, I think that this site will be beneficial for the “working world” as a way to compile my work into an organizational website for future employment opportunities. This site will be an ongoing tool to add onto as the years go by, even beyond college graduation.