Exercise 9


PSA: “Most Shocking Second A Day”

            This PSA is about the horrors in which Syrian children have to live through in order to get to safety in their warring country. There is no direct dialogue in this PSA other than background noise and what the girl is seeing and hearing through her eyes. The message of this PSA is to spread more awareness of this pressing issue, and get people to donate to this cause. This video is filled with the appeal to ethos through vivid imagery. At the beginning of the video,  the story seems to be a  happy one, but as the video goes on it becomes devastating. The organization that made this video is known as “Save the Children.” They effectively get their message across, which is that these children who have to flee from Syria need help. Donations are key to providing them with the resources they need to lead a healthy life.

            This organization is targeting the citizens of the U.S. because at the end of the video it says “Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” “Here” seems to imply the U.S. Therefore, the purpose of this video is to educate and spread awareness of the crisis that is happening in Syria. This video is successful because it descriptively expresses the stages of emotions of the girl. She starts out as a normal and happy child, but as the video goes on the watcher begins to see the signs of war and destruction. As a result, the girl’s smile slowly disappears and turns into expressions of sadness. This display of emotions triggers an emotional response in those who are watching. As the girl begins to feel sadness, so does the watcher. The emotional response of the watcher proves that this video is persuasive and effective in spreading awareness of the crisis in Syria.

            Also, the view of the camera gives a personal perspective of the girl. As she moves, the camera follows. As the video goes on, the watcher notices the difference in her facial expressions and how the background becomes more dark and grim. Having the camera close to the character provides a realistic depiction of her life and how it is getting turned upside down. This view also adds to the emotional aspect of the video. Watching her expressions change is heart wrenching and causes the watcher to feel sadness for the girl. Overall, the angle of the camera is another strategy that the organization uses to have a strong emotional effect on their viewers.

            In conclusion, this PSA is more than effective and spreads awareness of the horrors that these Syrian children go through in order to escape war. The video uses techniques such as the emotional appeal to ethos and different camera angles to capture the girl’s changing facial expressions. Even though there is not a lot of direct dialogue in the video, the message is still loud and clear. As this country is stuck in war, their citizens suffer and fear for their lives every day. Many children get separated from their families and are not able to reconnect with them down the road. As a result, they are left alone and unable to start a new life. This video is encouraging people to donate to this cause in order to help these children get back on their feet again and live healthy lives. By doing this, the United States can make a slight difference in these children’s lives by helping them to adjust to their new life.