Animal Shelter Overcrowding/Adopting From Shelters

Issue & Why It Is Important-

For this PSA I am continuing with my topic on animal shelter overcrowding. At first, I was considering focusing on animal transport, but I think spreading awareness of shelter overcrowding is the most important message. Through my research that I have done so far for my proposal, I have learned that this is a large issue throughout the nation. Reliable websites such as the ASPCA have shocking statistics on the euthanization of animals. Each year, 670,000 dogs and  860,000 cats are euthanized due to overcrowding in shelters (“Pet Statistics”). This is why shelters need to be advertised more often to show the need to adopt these animals from local shelters.

“Pet Statistics.” ASPCA,

Message & How It Will Be Conveyed To The Viewer-

This PSA will convey the harsh reality of what overcrowded shelters are like. Many people know of the commercial that features the emotional song by Sarah McLaughlin while images of animals trapped in cages are playing on a loop. This kind of commercial effectively sparks an emotional response in its viewers due to these harsh images and helpless animals that are being played over and over again on the screen. For this PSA, I am going to try and replicate this appeal to pathos mainly through imagery. Hopefully through this emotional response, watchers will realize that these animals are in need of a home. Those who are looking for an animal to adopt should consider adopting from a shelter rather than a breeder. These prospective animal owners are my targeted audience. Through images of the conditions that animals have to suffer through in crowded shelters, hopefully people will understand the importance of adopting a pet through an animal shelter.

Targeted Audience-

As I briefly mentioned in the last paragraph, the targeted audience are those who are in the process of adopting a pet. By showing the effects of shelter overcrowding, I hope to convince these individuals to adopt from shelters rather than breeders. If animals are not adopted from shelters, there will be a higher demand for the shelters to support the animals. The more animals there are, the higher the euthanasia rates will be. If I can effectively persuade the audience to adopt from shelters, then the goal of this PSA will be made.

Call To Action-

The main call to action will be to adopt animals from local shelters. I am going to provide phone numbers and websites in order for people to get into contact with nearby shelters. By providing these resources, I believe that this will act as an initiative for people to actually consider to adopt a dog from shelters. People may not want to go through the hassle of finding the right shelter to start looking into. By having the information right there on the screen, all people have to do is use the information provided. Through advertising the dire need of adoption in animal shelters, ideally people will realize that they should look into shelters to adopt their pets rather than other breeders or outside sources. If more people adopt from shelters, than there will be a drop in euthanasia rates, as well as more room in the shelters to house animals that require immediate attention.


I plan on creating my video on IMovie because I am working on a Macbook air. In the past, I have worked with IMovie for projects, but I am not too familiar with the program. I may need to get some outside help down the road in order to put my project together. My plan is to use clips of other videos in order to convey the reality of an overcrowded animal shelter. I want to end the video on a positive note using the example of the dog’s reaction getting adopted from a shelter. Throughout the video I will incorporate facts and statistics about shelters.

Example PSAS

saveahound. “If This Video about a Shelter Dog Doesn't Move You, Check Your Pulse!”YouTube, YouTube, 3 Dec. 2014,

In this video, the camera is focused on one dog who is in a shelter. All the viewer can see is the

View that the dog has from looking out of his area. People pass by and take a look at him, but they never end up picking him to adopt. Then, a little girl walks by and bends down to his level, and puts her hand on the glass, and the dog puts his paw on the window as well. I really thought that this video was effective in getting the message across that shelter animals need to be adopted. In my research on PSA’s there were many that flashed pictures of sullen looking animals trapped in cages, and while this is tragic, I do not want to make the PSA completely focused on the sadness of the animals. Like this video, I am hoping to turn the story around and put together an ideal situation if one was to adopt a shelter dog, and how that person would be helping shelters as a result of adopting an animal.


TheDodoSite. “Shy Dog Is SO Excited To Be Rescued | The Dodo.” YouTube, YouTube, 30 Sept. 2017,

This video is not necessarily a PSA itself, but it shows a dog getting adopted after being in a shelter. This footage could be used in order to show what an individual could do if they adopted an animal from a shelter, and the impact that it would have on their life. By incorporating this in the PSA, I think that the viewer will be more convinced to look into shelter adoption, due to the ecstatic reaction that the dog in this video had as a result of someone adopting him.