As I reflect on public scholarship I find myself considering to publicly share my site to the web. Right now, only people who have access to the link can view my site. Originally, I wanted to keep my site private because I was not sure on how my site would turn out. Honestly, the thought of publishing my work to everyone was intimidating. I thought about how people may judge my work or think that my writing was poor, but I know now not to worry about those concerns. Now, I want to share the information that I found through my research, so I think I am going to change the settings on my site. Throughout the semester, I never really thought about publicly sharing my site because I was more focused on the work that I was doing at the time. Now, I am almost positive that I want to change my site to public.

Throughout my educational career, I have been very hardworking when it comes to school and assignments. This trait has proven to be a blessing because it has taught me how to manage my time and to make sure that I get work done when it is due. My parents have never had to put pressure on me to do school work because I would already be doing the assignments for the next week. Being hardworking has also relieved stress from turning assignments in last minute. In the few times that I have done an assignment last minute, it has stressed me out more than one could believe. This is why I do assignments ahead of time so I can avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

On the other hand, this trait has proved to be a curse as well as a blessing. The need to get assignments done ahead of time often creates stress in itself, which leads me to put more stress on myself. There has been times where I feel so overwhelmed all because I have a need to do work ahead of time. As I said before, a lot of this stress did not come from my parents, but rather from myself. Although, I think as I finished high school and have started my college career, I have learned that it is not necessary to do everything ahead of time.

I think that this My Pages site has helped me to identify that I am capable of creating more than just writing but also media. In the past, I used to avoid all media because I never knew how to work IMovie or any video program. This site has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has shown me that I am capable of creating a video. I was expecting the process to be way more convoluted than it actually was, but really it was simple. Also, this site has demonstrated to me that I can put my work together and turn it into something as unique as this site. I am the only freshman in my writing class, and I have heard a few upperclassmen talking about using this site as a tool to get a job, and to show people what their skills are. I am definitely at a different place in my college career as a freshman than the seniors in my class, but I feel that I will be able to compile something similar to this site as a senior. Ideally, I will have done internships, jobs and other activities that will help me to transition into the working world.

Overall, I hope that the viewers of my site will see that I am hardworking and that I have strong writing skills. My site mostly consists of the writing that I have done over this semester, excluding the PSA. From my rhetorical analysis essay to the exercises that I did each week, I am hoping that viewers will recognize that I am a strong writer. Most importantly, I want viewers to see that I am passionate about speaking up for animals, and giving them the voice that they do not have. My entire site is based upon advocating for animal rights, and how people can get involved in doing so. The main reason why I changed my mind about making my site public, is because I want viewers to understand that they can make a difference by getting themselves involved with an organization that works to help and save animals. Hopefully, they will be persuaded to get involved not only from my writings, but also through my PSA.