The New England Arctic Network (NEAN) will address links between Arctic change and the natural, social, and built systems throughout the Arctic and the North Atlantic Arctic region. NEAN combines the wealth of academic expertise in Arctic research across New England with researchers, stakeholders, and external partners concerned with environmental, economic, and social impacts, providing an ideal community for anticipating and responding to Arctic change and its impacts on the eastern coast of North America. ( for more)
Past Workshop Reports

Charting the Course for a New England Arctic Network

Vision for a New England Arctic Network 

It's been two years since the New England Arctic Network was founded...

How would you like to see this network evolve?  Please send ideas to

We are in the process of planning NEAN events for winter and spring and value your input!  


NSF Navigating the New Arctic 

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Supporting Data and Sample Reuse in Polar Research

Signup for IARPC Collaborations Mentorship Circles

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Toward the Next Century: Envisioning and Designing Sustainable Coastal Communities

A Series of Virtual Workshops for Northern New England Coastal Communities

After months of stay-at-home research, many of us are slowly returning to the the classrooms if not the field. 

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NOAA Arctic Report Card for 2020 has been released 

Belfer Center’s Arctic Innovation Lab Invites Creative Solutions to Arctic Sustainability

Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center Arctic Initaitive

United States Permafrost Association  

UVM, Dartmouth, CRREL, UNH, Woodwell Climate Research Center (formerly WHRC) are currently members along with many NEAN individuals.  Please consider joining!  (flyer

British Museum exhibit on  Arctic culture and climate 

Many events are online

ARCUS website of NSF NNA projects is now online

Ocean Shots

UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
Ideas requested by December 1, 2020

Recent Reports   

Arctic Futures 2050 Conference Report - Fall 2019 (report released spring 2020) 

Webcasts and podcasts...

hosted by the US Naval War College, the Wilson Center's Polar Institute, and the US Arctic Research Commission
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IARPC Collaborations virtual meetings (ongoing) 
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  SUMMARY OF Upcoming New England Events   

The Arctic Environmental Humanities Workshop Series

Sponsored by Boston University and the University of Cambridge 

UMaine Arctic 

18 February (3-4:30 pm): Elevating your research using media (and campus resources)
Drew Hooke: the new (as of 2020) Operations Manager at the Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center
Susan Smith: practicing artist and educator, and director of the Intermedia Program at UMaine
8 March (3pm): Fran Ulmer:  Rapid Arctic Change: Why Does It Matter and How Can the Science Community Help
April (evening): Arctic Impacts on Maine, A panel discussion for Maine Impact week (April 12-16)
Panel members: TBD
13 May (2-3:30 pm):  Angela Daley: Economic Well-Being in Northern Canada: Challenges and Opportunities
Erin Grey: Recent addition to the UMaine community, Assistant professor of Aquatic Genetics, including research on shipping and eDNA in the coastal Arctic
June: TBD

MNAI Convenes

Webinar Series 
Sponsored by the Maine North Atlantic Institute

2021 Camden Conference. The Geopolitics of the Arctic: A Region in Peril

20-21 February 2021
Camden, ME

The Peary–MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College

Virtual Exhibits this fall! 

The Arctic Resilience Forum

Wed., Oct. 7, 2020 - Wed., Dec. 16, 2020
co-organized by the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center

Northeast Regional Environmental Acoustics Seminar 

Stay tuned for spring dates 

UNH Sidore Series 2021

"Honoring the Mother of All People; Contemporary Indigenous Leadership in Revitalizing Environmental and Cultural Sustainability"

See the ARCTIC CALENDAR from ARCUS  for national and global events

(NEAN will be transitioning from our own calender to posting on the ARCUS calendar)


Please help us by posting Job Opportunities and Student Opportunities on the NEAN Discussion Forum 

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NSF DCL: Potential Support for Community Hubs for Collaborations Between NSF-funded Arctic Researchers and Arctic Residents

Proposals accepted any time 

  in the news...   
"UNH Receives NSF Grant to Research Carbon Interactions in Thawing Arctic  - Fosters -  featuring Jessica Ernakovich from UNH
"How to Do Scientific Field Work When You Can’t Get to the Right Field " -  Wall Street Journal freaturing Dartmouth JSEP
"Emerging Science" - Ruth Varner et al. from UNH awarded NSF BII grant - UNH Today
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New England Artic Network poster at Gulf of Maine 2050


"The Arctic is Melting!  Is it time to Panic?" (flyer)

Nina Kirchner, Larry Mayer, Hideaki Murayama, Niklas Eklund,
Nancy Kinner (moderator) 
Tues April 9th, 4-6 pm, Huddleston Hall 
The University of New Hampshire

Charting the Course for the New England Arctic Network (NEAN)

October 3, 2018 -- The University of New Hampshire
Thanks for attending!!!

Click here for materials, agenda., and notes....


 Workshop Report (draft)  - pdf


Preparing for a Northwest Passage: A Workshop on the Role of New England in Navigating the New Arctic

March 25 - 27, 2018  -- The University of New Hampshire