NEAN member news

"Kittery-based Coast Guard cutter joins historic Arctic mission" - Portsmouth Herald

"UNE named first U.S. partner in multinational COVID-19 Project in the Arctic" - UNE

"UArctic Thematic Network on Ocean Food Systems receives funding for the project 'Network for Aquaculture Education in the Arctic" -  UNE

"New UMaine program trains students to become future arctic scientists"  - News Center Maine


"Emerging Science" - Ruth Varner et al. from UNH awarded NSF BII grant - UNH Today


"Data gaps hamper monitoring of heavy metals that threaten Arctic communities" - featuring UNH students!


Special Report: The three young women racing to defuse a climate-change bomb

Matthew Green


NATO NORTH?  Building A Role for NATO in the Artic 

Rebecca Pincus


"Looking Northward" - UNH joins UArctic 

Rebecca Irelan


Mercury Reallocation in Arctic Circle Causes Environmental Problems

Featuring Florencia Fahnestock and Julie Bryce from UNH


Telling the Untold Stories of Peary's Arctic Voyages

Featuring Susan Kaplan and Genevieve LeMoine from Bowdoin, written by Symone Marie Holloway


As countries battle for control of North Pole, science is the ultimate winner

Richard Kemeny 


The poisons released by melting Arctic ice

BBC News - featuring Sue Natali from WHRC


Trump’s New Arctic Policy Has a Familiar Ring

Rebecca Pincus 


Melting Arctic: Panel addresses challenges and opportunities of Arctic change

Beth Potier 


Cashing In on a Warming Arctic

Tatiana Schlossberg


Extreme Local Impact: What one professor learned -- and taught -- as he met with Inuit entrepreneurs in the Arctic north. 

Jason Little, Franklin Pierce University


Jennifer Francis on the PBS News Hour discussing Arctic connections to the Midwest's deep freeze.   


Bowdoin to Build Barry Mills Hall and New Center for Arctic Studies


UNH scientists decipher the impact of thawing permafrost 

Alison Eagon, Undergraduate at UNH


Gray Zones in the Blue Arctic: Grappling with China's Growing Influence
Rebecca Pincus and Walter A. Berbrick 

Breezy Grenier has shared the following resources promote Arctic education and action.

Scientists are Superheroes too (Facebook, Instagram

Eco-Elders (Facebook, Instagram