NEAN Seminars

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Dr. Brian Stevens  -"Wildlife Disease Surveillance – the Canadian Way" 
     Thurs July 18
     10 am Morse Hall 401
     All are welcome! Come hear about the local, regional and national mechanics of a national wildlife health network
     as well as the factors and challenges of working with local communities in Nunavut
     Sponsored by the WON NH Speaker Series: Wildlife and One Health Group of New Hampshire 

Past Events 


"The Arctic is Melting!  Is it time to Panic?" (flyer)

Nina Kirchner, Larry Mayer, Hideaki Murayama, Niklas Eklund,
Nancy Kinner (moderator) 
Tues April 9th, 4-6 pm, Huddleston Hall 
The University of New Hampshire


Fall 2018 Arctic Seminars at the University of New Hampshire 

Darren Ranco

Associated Professor of Anthropology 
and Coordinator of Native American Research
The University of Maine at Orono
Developing a Climate Adaptation Baseline for Wabanaki Tribal Nations: Diplomacy, Research Methods and Priorities 
Wednesday, November 28th 
2:30-3:30, James Hall G46
The University of New Hampshire
Hosted by the UNH Environmental

Mike Rawlins

Associated Director of the Climate Systems Research Center
University of Massachusetts at Amherst  
Understanding Terrestrial Arctic Water and Carbon Cycles and the Impacts of Climate Warming 
Wednesday, November 14th 
2:30-3:30, James Hall G46
The University of New Hampshire
co-hosted by the UNH Environmental
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Radley Horton
Dr. Radley Horton
Associate Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
The Earth Institute
Columbia University

Preparing for Surprises

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
2:30-3:30 pm 
James Hall G46
The University of New Hampshire


Sheyna Wisdom
General Manager 
Fairweather Science LLC
Cultural Awareness for Working in the Arctic
Monday, October 15th 12-1:00 pm Morse 301
Thanks for attending the webinar! 
Click here for  more information about Fairweather Science and how they can help facilitate research in the Arctic. 


Dr. Sue Natali
Associate Scientist
Woods Hole Research Center
Shifting Carbon Dynamics in the Arctic 
and the Implications for Global Climate
Wed, October 3rd 2:30-3:30 James G46