Supporting NEAN Activities

Below are some examples of text for Broader Impacts or Budget Justifications sections of future proposals to help support New England Arctic Network activities. Please share additional ideas and examples as they develop and let the network organizers know if funds have been requested to support the network.
   Broader Impacts
This project will support research capacity-building activities associated with the New England Arctic Network (NEAN). This inclusive and interdisciplinary network of researchers, community stakeholders, and external partners leverages expertise throughout the region to pursue specific and compelling convergence research initiatives linked to the Arctic. By expanding research, scholarship, and training opportunities beyond individual institutions, NEAN strives to attract diverse and innovative leadership to promote the sustainable develop and resilience of communities both within the Arctic and globally. Consolidating the methods, tool, and ways of thinking from multiple disciplines and research communities will enable convergent research at the intersection of  social systems, natural environments, and built environments. This network will also share efforts to build and sustain long-term relationships with local communities and organizations in the Arctic and develop international research partnerships. 

Budget Justification

This project requests $3500 to support a New England Arctic Network working group meeting concerning the theme of xxxxxx.  (Travel for 10 participants: ground transportation $1000, 1 night lodging $1500; catering and venue $1000)

The project requests $3000 to support a 1-day stakeholder and community engagement event jointly hosted by the New England Arctic Network and Stakeholder Organization. The goal of this event will be to discuss expectations, objectives, and potential outcomes of this project, with a focus on identifying common research interests, initial planning, and strategies for data collection and analysis.  (Travel for project co-Is and senior personnel: transportation $300, lodging $700; catering and venue $1500; materials $500; professional staff salary support $500).

This project requests $500 for a catering and materials to support an open community meeting of the New England Arctic Network at the Fall 2020 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, CA. We plan to request meeting space through the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS).

This project requests $5000 to support scholarly exchange, bringing a small group (2-3) Arctic residents involved in community-based research in XXXXX  to visit institutions within the New England Arctic Newtork.  The goal will be to identify opportunities for translating successful citizen science efforts in New England to address observational gaps in the Arctic. 

This project requests $5000 to help support the organizations and administrative structure of the New England Arctic Network (  This includes supporting professional staff salary to  development of web-based collaboration tools, organizing webinars and working group meetings, writing reports, and providing administrative support for network wide research development and education programs.


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