Data Access

Links to New Hampshire Weather and Climate Data:

National Weather Service NOWData
Web portal for recent, preliminary daily and monthly weather data for official NWS stations throughout the state. Site also provides monthly average weather statistics, climate normals, and weather records. Most data are preliminary. Data are free. 

Northeast Regional Climate Center 
The Northeast Regional Climate Center provides a variety of access points for regional climate data and analyses. Station-level time series data are also available through the NRCC xmACIS2 database.

NOAA/NCEI Climate Data Online
Web portal for official weather station data in the US. Data are free. Certified data available for a fee.

US Climate Reference Network (CRN)
Web portal for CRN station data in the US. Data are free. New Hampshire stations are located at Kingman and Thompson Farms near Durham, NH. Period of record is from December 2001 to present.

Interactive web mapping portal for real-time coastal and meteorological information for the United States. Information includes current coastal and weather conditions as well as forecasted conditions from NOAA. Data are free.