Nick Crosby Face ShotWas born in the city of Nanjing, in Jiangsu Province in China. In 2002, I came to the United States and grew up in Groton, NH. I was raised by my lovely parents, both whom worked at PSU. I have two sisters, Catie and Christina (the latter being a UNH graduate herself). Ever since I was young, I always had a passion working and interacting with the public. It all started with my civics class my sophomore year in high school, that I really learned a lot about the public and government. In addition, I've had a passion in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. I attended Newfound Regional High School, in Bristol, New Hampshire, and I graduated in 2017. While in high school, I was the Student Representative to the School Board representing students' voice to the board. Also, I did an Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) that focused on law enforcement and did a rigorous internship with Bristol, NH PD. I also attended NH Police Youth Cadet Training Academy and did all three years. To say the least, I was very involved in my community up in the Newfound Lake area. Entering my senior year of high school, I was uncertained if I wanted to go to college, and rather seek other opportunities in the workforce. Instead, I decided to follow my sister's footstep and attend the University of New Hampshire. 
While attending the University of New Hampshire, I studied Justice Studies and Political Science, with a minor in Security Studies. During my time here, I've been in various student orgs, including Student Senate, Phi Mu Delta, UNH Democrats, Alpha Phi Sigma, and many more. I've held both leadership positions in both the workplace and student orgs. I was fortunate to attend the 2018 UNH Leadership Camp and the 2018 MLK Summit, both which brought about a lot of my leadership skills today. I also was invited to attend Sophomore Summit. In my latter two years, while being a full-time student, I also was working forty hours a week at UNH. In May 2021, I graduated with a Batchelors Art Degree with a dual-major and a minor. I am part of the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honors Society.
My area of focus is geo-politics, elections, social justice, criminal justice, and organizational structures within the government and judicial affairs. In addition, the public sector and higher education.