Courses Took

Below are all of the courses that I took:
Fall 2017:
ENGL 401 - First Year Writing w/ Grad. Student Samantha DeFlitch
JUST 401 - Introduction to Justice Studies w/ Prof. Charles Putnam
POLT 401 - Politics and Society w/ Prof.  Richard Aliano
WS 401 - Introduction to Women's Studies w/ Prof. Lyn Tjon Soei Len
Spring 2018:
POLT 403 - United States in World Affairs w/ Prof. Lionel Ingram
SOC 502 - Statistics w/ Prof. Catherine Moran
WS 444A - Race Matters w/ Prof. Joelle Ruby Ryan
Fall 2018:
JUST 405 - Technology, Crime, and Society w/ Prof. Kevin O'Shea
JUST 501 - Research Methods w/ Prof. Donna Perkins & J. Kirk Trombley, Esq.
NR 433 - Wildlife Ecology w/ Prof. Peter Pekins
POLT 506 - Parties, Interest Groups, and Voters w/ Prof. Andrew (Andy) Smith
Spring 2019:
ANTH 500 - Peoples and Cultures of SE Asia w/ Prof. Smita Lahiri
POLT 402 - American Politics and Government w/ Prof. Tama Andrews
POLT 407 - Law and Society w/ Prof. Susan Siggelakis
POLT 560 - World Politics w/ Prof. Alynna Lyon
Fall 2019:
PHIL 436 - Social and Political Philosophy w/ Prof. Drew Christie
POLT 502 - State and Local Government w/ Prof. Tama Andrews
POLT 509 - Managing Bureaucracy in America w/ Prof. Daniel Bromberg
PHIL 520 - Politics, Justice, and Morality w/ Prof. William Nunnally
Spring 2020:
MS 402 - Nanoscience in Energy w/ Prof. Carmela Amato-Wierda
MUSI 405 - Survey of Music in America w/ Prof. Lori Dobbins
POLT 551 - Comparative Identity Politics w/ Prof. Madhavi Devasher
POLT 798B - Senior Seminar - American Politics/Natural Disaster & Federalism w/ Prof. Tama Andrews
Summer 2020:
COLA 702* - Research Interrupted w/ multiple Professors
ITAL 401 - Elementary Italian I w/ Prof. Anna Marra
ITAL 402 - Elementary Italian II w/ Prof. Anna Marra
Fall 2020:
HLS 410 - Introduction to Homeland Security w/ Prof. James Ramsay
ITAL 525 - Italian Cinema w/ Prof. Anna Marra
JUST 602 - Research Internship (Police Accountability w/ Public) w/ Prof. Daniel Bromberg
NURS 450 - Making Babies w/ Prof. Karen Niland
POLT 562 - Strategy and National Security Policy w/ Prof. Jennifer Spindel
Spring 2021:
BMS 407 - Germs 101 w/ Prof. Davida Margolin
HLS 455 - Introduction to Cybersecurity w/ Prof. David Ramsay
HMGT 771 - International Wine and Beverage w/ Prof. Clayton Barrows
JUST 701 - Senior Seminar - Natural Born Killers (Male Violence) w/ Prof. Donna Perkins
Credits Earned: 138 Credits


*COLA 702 was an optional, 2-credit course which was offered free for any UNH students in Summer 2020 to learn about different digital research tools and methods on the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Course was taught by Profs. Svetlana Peshkova, Alexandra Martin, and Sara Withers