Recommendation of RILEM TC237-SIB on cohesion test of recycled asphalt


Tebaldi G, Dave E, Cannone Falchetto A, Hugener M, Perraton D, Grilli A, Lo Presti D, Pasetto M, Loizos A, Jenkins K, et al. Recommendation of RILEM TC237-SIB on cohesion test of recycled asphalt. Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions [Internet]. 2018;51 (5).


This recommendation describes how to evaluate the presence of potentially active bitumen in recycled asphalt (RA) materials through the cohesion test. The experimental protocol is designed according to the research performed by the RILEM Technical Committee 237-SIB ‘‘Testing and characterization of sustainable innovative bituminous materials and systems’’ with the purpose, to develop a new, simple and fast method for the characterization of RA while limiting the need for conventional rheological tests. The guidelines in this recommendation focus on the testing procedure including specimen preparation, data analysis and provide information on the preparation of a tests report.
© 2018, RILEM.


Experimental protocols;Fast methods;Indirect tensile strength;Recycled asphalt;Rheological test;Technical committees;Testing procedure;