Council for Thriving Children


Established by Executive Order 2020-03, the Council for Thriving Children, is New Hampshire's advisory council on early childhood care and education and is co-led by the Departments of Health and Human Services and Education. The Council is responsible for advising, making recommendations, and undertaking the following:

  • Strengthen New Hampshire's early childhood infrastructure in all environments, including, home, childcare, schools and community settings.
  • Build the capacity of families, professional and non-professional caregivers and educators throughout the state to meet the important health and educational needs of our children
  • Ensure an integrated and coordinated early childhood governance structure across state government and connected to local communities by ensuring ongoing needs assessment and strategic planning
  •  Enhance the interoperability of data systems within and across government agencies to inform and monitor program and service access, equity, and quality
  • Promote parent knowledge and choice through sustained family and community engagement, support, resources and feedback
  • Ensure the sharing of best practice by establishing and sustaining a Center for Excellence and local/regional forums that support parents, professional caregivers, educators, and community members
  • Expand access and equity, and improve transitions for children and their families across the span of early childhood supports, services, and educational environments.



2020 Year in Review Report - NH Council for Thriving Children

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