Family Knowledge, Choice & Engagement

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Family Resource Centers (FRC). Build FRCs’ capacities to serve NH families, including increasing family awareness of the FRCs, investigating potential for satellite programs to reach underserved families, and increasing FRCs’ access to resources and training.

Watch Me Grow. Develop and pilot training modules to ensure guidelines and recommendations are effective and useful for families.

Kinship Navigator Program. Expand Kinship Navigator Program to help link other relative caregivers to services and supports that meet their own needs along with those of the children they are raising.

Family-Focused Programs Initiatives. Various entities across NH utilize different programs to support family-focused initiatives; as part of the grant, alignment and evaluation of programs will be examined.

Whole Families Approach to Jobs. Coordination between NH’s Whole Families Approach and PDG is a priority and PDG will work to support the state’s effort to close the “cliff effect” to ensure parents can work while their children thrive.

Public Awareness. Increase awareness of importance of early childhood, including adapting campaign to meet diverse community needs.