CSDC_Photo1The Promotion of Early Childhood Coalition (PECC) interdisciplinary working group brings together faculty across the University of New Hampshire community with a vested interest in the promotion of early cognitive, social, and emotional development to ensure the success of New Hampshire’s children in school and in life. PECC intends to create a comprehensive community-based research and outreach agenda that can be leveraged to promote sustained achievement and social well-being.     

PECC leverages interdisciplinary expertise across New Hampshire to create a coalition of educators, civic organizations, elected officials, business leaders, and philanthropists willing to promote high-quality early learning experiences with the goal of providing equal opportunity for children to succeed. Members are unified around the identification of:

  • Developmental mechanisms which promote sustained positive academic and social-emotional well-being for children 

  • Developmentally informed family, school, and community experiences children from diverse backgrounds need to foster the cognitive, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed and stay engaged in school

  • Means to disseminate educational resources regarding developmentally informed best practices for working with young children through public policy and community outreach

We thank you for your interest in our endeavor.  To learn more about PECC, including inquiries about potential collaborations, please contact Kimberly Nesbitt (kimberly.nesbitt@unh.edu).

Download PECC handout, including member biographies.