Project ACME

Project A.C.M.E.
Advancing Children’s Museum Engagement

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Looking For...
Families to participate in a research study to help us understand how families use the exhibits at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Who  Can Participate?
Children age 3 to 6 and their parent or legal guardian
Native speakers of English
Children without speech/language or developmental disorders

Receive free admission to the Children’s Museum in Dover, NH, and a $20 gift card for your family's participation. 

Contact Us to Learn More
Phone: (603) 862-2159

Project Investigators:
Kerry KazuraMichelle LeichtmanKimberly Nesbitt (project lead)David PillemerJill Trumbell (project lead)Jill Thornson (project lead)


Project ACME is made possible by the generous support of the Children's Musurem of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.