QRIS Coaching Pilot

QRIS PhotoNew Hamshire is worked to enhance the quality of center-based, family-based, and afterschool programs by revising its Quality Recognition and Improvement System (QRIS), with a focus on continuous quality improvement. This project aims to develop and evaluate an individualized coaching models for the QRIS to support teachers and improve teacher-child interactions and instruction, both recognized as a successful means to impact program quality. Data from an initial observation of each classroom’s quality using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-3, Harms, Clifford, & Cryer, 2015) will serve as a foundation for goal setting and targeted improvement. Coaches, teachers, and program administration will identify specific, measurable, achievable, and results-focused goals.


To evaluate the efficacy of the proposed coaching model to improve teacher-child interactions and instruction and support children’s learning and development, approximately 15 preschool classrooms in the Upper Valley region, Rochester/Somersworth area, and Manchester are targeted for participation.


The study will see if coaching contributed to positive gains on the ECERS scores. Moreover, the study will examine if there are associations between teacher’s ECERS scores and their children’s academic and social-emotional skills (e.g., emergent literacy and mathematics, social skills, self-regulation). Throughout the study participating teachers and program administration will provide feedback about their perceptions of the coach model.


For families participating in the project,
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Project Investigators:
Kerry KazuraKimberly Nesbitt; Lisa Ranfos

The QRIS Pilot is made possible by the generous support of the NH Department of Health and Human Services and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

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