New Hampshire Collective Vision for Early Childhood

3rd Gathering of the Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood
September 28, 2018

Under the invitation of the First Lady of New Hampshire, Ms. Valerie Sununu, and with the support of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and PECC, the 3rd Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood gathering convened on September 28, 2018.  The gatherings aimed to bring together New Hampshire stakeholders in early childhood education, including our elected officials, philanthropists, practitioners, community leaders, and caregivers. 

For this meeting, Dr. Karen DeMoss, Director of the Prepared to Teach program at Bank Street College in New York City was invited to discuss ways we could ensure that aspiring and current teachers are prepared to support our youngest citizens. She shared lessons learned from other’s endeavors to create a highly-qualified workforce and detailed how investing in professional development can yield a more sustainable workforce which saves money and improves the educational experiences for children.

Click here to access a recording of Dr. DeMoss's talk and related discussion.  
Click here to download a copy of Dr. DeMoss's presentation. 

By doing a better job in educating our children, we can make it less of burden on our communities to educate our older citizens. In addition to Dr. DeMoss’s talk in the morning, the afternoon has concurrent breakout discussion sessions around the following questions: 1) Is investing in early childhood education, including workforce development and program quality, fiscally responsible?; 2) How can we help our early childhood teachers and caregivers deliver developmentally appropriate, play-based education practices that maintain rigorous expectations on content and freedom in curriculum implementation?; and 3) What resources and opportunities can we provide NH’s aspiring and current early education workforce to help them secure a career without economic burden?


2nd Gathering of the Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood
December 15, 2017

With support of the PECC and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the 2ndCollective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood  gathering convened on December 15, 2017.  The aim of the gathering is to provide attendees, who represent a cross-section of educators, civic organizations, elected officials, business leaders, and philanthropists, the opportunity to discuss the diverse challenges facing our children and to better understand the current landscape of programs and resources in New Hampshire. 

To reach this aim, stakeholders and organizations from across the state shared their current initiatives and endeavors to better the lives of New Hampshire’s children. After the presentations,  small breakout groups met unified around the themes of:  1) creating systems for high-quality early learning, 2) supporting a highly-qualified workforce, and 3) keeping families informed.



1st Gathering of the Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood
August 17, 2017

Collective Vision Photo 1With support of the PECC, the inaugural Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood gathering on August 17, 2017, convened educators, civic organizations, elected officials, business leaders, and philanthropist committed to helping all children of New Hampshire to succeed. 

It was the aim of the gathering to lay a foundation for addressing the diverse challenges facing our children by beginning to create a strategic course of action. Through cross-sector partnerships, that leverage extant programs and initiatives from across the state, it is our aspiration of the Collective Vision gatherings to address the grand challenge of promoting early opportunity for families and children across New Hampshire.

To help fCollective Vision Photo 2acilitate the discussion keynotes talk were presented by Tassy Warren, the Chief Program Office at Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and Representative Ruth Kagi from the State of Washington. Ms. Warren presented an overview of the importance of investing in early learning and development and the implications for policy and practice. Representative Kagi provided the audience an historic perspective on key early learning policy initiative in Washington State and discussed lessons learned as she and her colleagues have worked to improve early childhood education.

To help facilitate this discourse, we constructed an executive summary to highlight the suggestions of attendees and begin to create a strategic course of action. To continue the dialogue and encourage cross-sector collaboration, the second Collective Vision for New Hampshire Early Childhood Education gathering will be held on December 15, 2017.

Click here to download the executive summary of the event.