The UNH Positive Pedicab Project


We are excited to introduce a new mode of transportation on campus, in Portsmouth, and at events in New Hampshire that promotes positivity within communities. Pedicabs are operated by friendly and knowledgeable student operators, who are committed to positivity, making your experienc both enjoyable and efficient. 

What sets us apart from traditional transportation options is our emphasis on RECIPROCITY. We believe that a community that supports one another creates a positive environment that benefits everyone. That is why our pedicab service is not just transportation, but also an opportunity to engage with others and give back to the community. Our operators will go above and beyond to help make your experience positive, all we ask in return is to continue to pay it forward by doing a kindness for someone else (and letting us know about it). 

Our pedicab service in not only fun and eco-friendly way to get around campus, but also a way to foster a culture of kindness and generosity. The kindness and generosity begins with our team of dedicated students, faculty and staff at the University of New Hampshire.  UNH is dedicated to researching how to make the world a better place. It is a commitment from our graduate programs, undergraduate majors and research institutes. 

Follow this project on Instagram, Facebook, or better yet book a ride and come experiennce the joy of a pedicab. Pedicab Profile