Costs and Staffing

The Pedicab Project is based on providing free rides to the public that are supported by bussinesses and individuals wanting to support positivity. The idea of spreading positivity through pedicab rides was initially just simply about joy. What has surprised us in our exploratory research phase is how a pedicab could provide just in time assistance. We helped an elderly person who tired themselves out and was struggling to walk to their car, helped a restaunteeer who has to move supplies across a busy section of town, and a young woman from Africa trying to grocery shop via  bus (we were able to get her and the groceries right to the door of her apt.). These are actual Positive Pedicab stories from the summer of 2022.  

How to support this project as a Business:

For $100-$150 a day a bussiness, organization, or individual can sponsor the positive pedicab. The pedicab will provide recognition via a showing the day's sponsor and the driver will get to work giving as many free rides to the public as possible. The more people served, the more kindness that may be reciprocated (the focus of our research). We are not just providing free rides, but we are also studying how kindness and reciprocation may influence a community. Some communities are just great places to be, and we think kindness and reciprocity may be an important factor. The sponsorship pays some of the costs of operation. 

In our beta-testing of the reciprocity principle we found that 30% of the riders wanted to reciprocate with an act of kindness and 40% of participants wanted to provide a tip (which can be directed to community needs). Just think if 30% of the people visiting Portsmouth this summer were providing acts of kindness to others. This could be impactful. This summer we hope to officially study the ideas of reciprocity while also making Portsmouth, Durham, and other NH communities more positive.

Please consider contacting us to sponsor a day (individual) or a week (business) and give a community FREE pedicab rides. 

COSTS: The cost of a new pedicab is $10,000, even more with an electric drive. The cost of putting together training, policies, accounts, research, etc. all add up in costs that this group has kept surprising low through partnerships and supporters. 

We have supporters, friends, and a community who help. The pedicab project is an integrated educational experience for UNH students in marketing, engineering, and recreational management. We have UNH programs and departments helping us to get started. We also have collaborators, such a PortCity Bike Tours as one of our first partners for great discussions and support with this endeavor and as well as the California based advertising company POSITIVITY (Court Crandall) for inspiration. 

If you are interested in becoming a driver or a supporter of the Positive Pedicab, please send along an email or a text to Dr. Brent Bell ( or (617-784-7995).