Costs and Staffing

Costs for full project (after the beta testing)

Cost of pedicab (Cycles Maximus CabTrike) = $11,161 each x 3 = 33,483

Wrap with UNH Logo = $3,000 x 3 = $9,000

Budget for transporting the pedicab to five events = $2,000

Budget for Storage = $700

Maintenance of cab (tires/tune up/etc.) = $400 per year

Insurance riders, business registration fees, etc. = $500

Total start-up and maintenance costs for 3 year project = $46,483

Start up costs for 2023

Cost of one pedicab = 11,161

UNH Logo wrap = 3,000

Insurance = 300

Storage cage in Portsmouth Parking garage = tbd

Start up for next year = 14,461

Staffing costs

Initial staffing costs will be paid via research funding. For this project to carry on after the research project different models for operation are being considered.

Operators are paid via tips, similar to a restaurant.

Operators are hired to provide free rides via workstudy/research or grant funding

Operators supported through local businesses that benefit from the pedicabs being active locally

Operators volunteer time to provide rides