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April, 2023--The build is 95% complete. The Positive Pedicab was on display at the undergraduate research conference. See pictures below. Hopefully the first rides will begin in the next few weeks. 

Support from our VIP's

Dean Gruden

Dean Gruden on pedicab

Wild E Cal

Wild E Cat



and Friends

Aspiring Positive Pedicab operator RJones

The Pedicab was painted and ready to promote UNH

Finishing up for URC


March 21st--Post Spring Break and the Positive Pedicab is coming together. A great shout out to Dover Cyclery in Dover, NH. Stopped by for tubes and Mike provided some for free to support the project. It is heartening when people provide those little bits of support. It is a nice way to know we are not in this alone, but being cheered on by ohters. 

Check out this bike:

Building the Pedicab




March 2023--Intensive work to submit the research plans to the Unversity Instituational Review Board are underway. Parts are arriving to help finish up the next stages of buildign the pedicab. The search for the best wheels and the a trailer are underway. The waivers are being drafted and hopefully we will be ready to go, go, go come April. 

We know we are not the first in NH to try out some human powered solutions. 

Not the first to invent a cool bike

February 2023--more updates

Feb 25

February 2023--Welding begins on the pedicab frame. Discussions with Ed Miles at the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center. 

Construction early Feb   


January 2023--Meetings with UNH classes to pitch the Positive Pedicab as a semester project. Meetings with UNH departments and programs to discuss sponsorship. 

December 2022--Final plans are approved by UNH Mechanical Engineering faculty

November 2022--The first prototype is planned and a team led by Catie Molloy applies to the Social Ventures Innovation Challenge to demonstrate how a pedicab can be an wonderful tool in an small urban city. 

October 2022--Students and faculty visit Lebanon, NH to observe the Danish designed "Tri-shaw." This program in Lebanon, NH is giving pedicab rides to seniors as a way to provide recreational travel along the local bike paths.

September 2022--The UNH Pedicab is chosen as a senior engineering project by a team of students in the UNH Mechanical Engineering Dept. 

August 2022--Beta testing the pedicab idea in Portland, Maine