The University of New Hampshire Postdoctoral Association (UNH PDA) was established in 2019 and is a volunteer based organization that supports the community of postdoctoral scholars here at the University of New Hampshire. Our goal is to work with the broad community of postdocs and the administration at UNH to address research and university policies that affect the lives of postdocs and their families. We organize events to promote postdoc involvement in academic, social, and cultural issues.  The purpose of the UNH PDA is to address the needs and concerns of all postdoctoral scholars by: 


  • Building a community of postdocs 
  • Providing representation for our members to the administration of UNH 
  • Advocating for constructive changes in the research environment  
  • Providing opportunities to obtain the skills needed to secure fulfilling careers within or outside of academia


Executive Committee (2021-2022) 

  • President – Ian Jones 

  • Orientation & Career Development Chair – Amy Scott

  • Responsible Conduct of Research Representative – Theresa (Teri) Oehmke 

  • Research Council Representative - Sophie Burke

  • University Commission on Community, Equity and Diversity Representatives - Ian Jones & Amy Scott

Mission Statement

  1. The objective of the UNH PDA is to support and enrich the experiences of postdoctoral researchers at UNH as both mentors and mentees.
  2. The focus of the UNH PDA shall be to provide academic support, professional training, career development opportunities and to create a postdoctoral community.
  3. The UNH PDA will act as a liaison to the postdoctoral population at large and represent postdocs' interests to the UNH Graduate School, UNH Research Office, and to the Schools and Offices of the University of New Hampshire.
  4. The UNH PDA seeks to encourage inclusion and diversity among all postdoctoral scholars at UNH and will advocate on their behalf to achieve a supportive and enriching environment.



  1. The UNH PDA considers individuals eligible for membership if they meet all the following criteria:
    1. They have received a doctoral degree (or equivalent)
    2. They are appointed to a temporary period traineeship at UNH
    3. They are receiving advanced training needed to pursue their chosen career path
  2. Individuals can become members by emailing post.docs@unh.edu and requesting membership.


Social Media Policy

The UNH Social Media Team has established standards, guidelines, and resources for UNH organizations. The UNH PDA strives to follow UNH Social Media's standards and best practices. In addition, anyone planning to post a group image to a UNH PDA social media account shall make a reasonable attempt to alert all persons in the photo and offer them an opportunity to request that their image not appear in the post.


Organization's By-laws

Our Bylaws (PDF)253 KB