Five Year Blanket Purchase Agreement for Multiple Short-term Research and Evaluation Studies, Social Security Administration

Principal Investigator: Vidya Sundar

Purpose: Dr. Sundar is the Principal Investigaor and subject matter expert on a 5-year sub-contract awarded on behalf of the Office of Retirement and Disability Policy (ORDP) at the Social Security Administration. The contract includes a team of research and policy experts from Summit Consulting, LLC, the American Institutes for Research, Insight Policy Research and UNH.

The policy and research studies under this contract will assist ORDP in providing the necessary expertise to produce high quality, independent, and objective assessments of policy options facing the agency. The work focuses on broad trends in the economy and society affecting the programs administered by SSA, and on medical and vocational factors that impact the disability determination process. Findings from the projects shall provide evidence to assist and support policymaking at SSA. As of September 2019, our team was awarded 2 tasks under this contract.