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Purpose: Job crafting is an informal, employee-initiated approach to job re-design that has not been tested among people with disabilities, thus far. The purpose of this study is to examine crafting behaviors of workers with disabilities and individual
factors associated with crafting behaviors. Methods: We conducted a survey of employees with disabilities who were 18–64 years old and had at least 1 year of work experience. Bivariate and multivariate methods were used to: (1) compare the use of job crafting behaviors between our sample and published results from a sample of the general population; (2) identify individual characteristics associated with job crafting for workers with disabilities. Results: Persons with disabilities engage in job crafting behaviors, albeit at lower levels than that reported in a broader sample (Int J Wellbeing, https ://doi.
org/10.5502/ijw.v3i2.1, 2013). Education, and disability type (visual and mobility impairment) were associated with certain types of crafting behaviors. Conclusions: As job crafting can be associated with higher levels of engagement and career growth among persons without disabilities, findings from this research can be utilized to design programs and policies that support the career goals of people with disabilities beyond labor force participation.
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