Sit Less Boot Camp

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Over 800 people worldwide have participated in Sit Less Boot Camp

Each May and October, we co-host Sit Less Boot Camp™ on the health and fitness social network, My Fitness Pal. This 21 day challenge helps participants find and implement workable ways they can sit less and move more in their daily lives. Sit Less Boot Camp™ is free and open to everyone, but you have to be a member of My Fitness Pal to participate (it's free to join).

Sit Less Boot Camp™ has been offered 5 times, most recently in May 2017, and 800 people have participated in the program. Participants are asked to evaluate the program and we use their feedback and comments to refine and improve the series. 



Each day we post a short challenge to participants. The challenge could be an exercise, an activity, or something people can do in their homes that will get them up and moving. We aim for a lot of variety in the daily challenges to keep it interesting. Most of the daily challenges can be done in less than 15 minutes. 

Sit Less Boot Camp will last 21 days. And in those 3 weeks you’ll get lots of ideas, strategies, and resources for sitting less and moving more that you can implement in your life. We want to help you discover workable ways to sit less that you'll want to continue doing long after Sit Less Boot Camp is over. We want to help you move towards a happier and healthier life!



To participate in Sit Less Boot Camp™, you must first be a member of My Fitness Pal (it's free to join). A new session starts every May 1st and October 1st and is hosted by MFP's Challenge-A-Day Group. When Boot Camp is in session, just visit the Challenge-A-Day website each day to see what's on the menu for that day's challenge.




​Would you like an email reminder a few days before the next Boot Camp begins? We can do that. Leave us your email address and we will be back in touch with you before the next start date and you won't miss a thing! We offer both a one-time email reminder just prior to the start of Boot Camp as well as a daily email listing that day’s challenge. To learn more or signup, please see: Sit Less Boot Camp Reminders.


​“Sit Less Boot Camp has been a life changing experience. I went from walking 2,000 steps a day to 20,000. Amazing!! Boot Camp makes it super easy to get up and get going. Love the supportive community and all the great ideas on how you can incorporate more movement into your daily routine.” – Marta from Florida 

"Sit Less Boot Camp was instrumental in getting me active, and I feel so much better than I could have imagined. The best part about it is that it is SO EASY to be more active. The boot camp was a guide in getting me in the proper mindset to be more active...a guide to get from "I know I should do this" actually doing making it a lifestyle.” – Anna from Virginia  

“Sit Less Boot Camp motivated me to get moving and provided me with the knowledge to keep going.” – Jennifer from Ontario 

“Sit Less Boot Camp Boot challenges me to make moving a regular part of my day and keep it up.” – Kathy from California

"I quit the sitting and I feel great!"    – Betsy from New Hampshire

"The Quitting the Sitting movement and Boot Camp has literally changed my life. When I began decreasing my sitting I discovered that my joints hurt less. I discovered the more I moved, the more often I got up -- the better I felt. The boot camp was a great training ground to help me increase activity, giving me ideas to help me move more and become more active little by little . . . otherwise known as baby steps!!"   – Karen from Ontario 

"I want to thank Denise and the others at Quitting the Sitting for a fabulous Boot Camp – it was truly awesome! It was my first Boot Camp and I found it to be superbly designed, very motivating, and very helpful. I learned that consciously making small changes – without trying to solve everything at once – actually works and that small, beneficial changes can quickly become a good habit! I focused on learning to stand while doing my daily 30-minute instrument practice and taking out-of-the-way routes at work whenever I walk somewhere. I noticed this week that I don’t even have to think about standing while practicing – I’m just automatically doing it! – and I’m walking much further every day. I can’t thank QTS enough!"  – Lee from Kansas 



Sitting less is hard. We get that. Our lives are surrounded by comfortable chairs and people who like to sit in them. But we think we can make the process of sitting less, moving more, and becoming more active easier for you because we'll all be working on this together. You don't have to go it alone...we are in this together. 

Those who participated fully in previous Sit Less Boot Camps and stayed with us throughout the challenge tell us they feel better, more energetic and some even report they lost a few more pounds than expected from their increased activity (sitting works against any weight loss goal). And they tell us they'll be sitting less long after Sit Less Boot Camp is's now a lifestyle change that they've made.

Please join us and start moving towards a happier and healthier life!