Cyber Security Awareness Weeks (CSAW)

Cyber Security Awareness Week is a gathering of competitions, industry talks and events to prepare best-performing students with the skills and knowledge to shape the future of the industry. Now with three locations around the world, CSAW isn't just the largest student-run cyber security event in the US. It's a global industry conference with worldwide impact. 

Prof. Yu has mentored four competition teams since 2014. 

Wildcats Team 2014: Jaya Dofe, Jonathan Frey, and Patrick Nsengiyumva.  Selected as Finalist.


Wildcats Team 2015: William Melanson (senior), Chenghua She (first year Master), and Jaya Dofe (first year Ph.D. student). The 3rd Place Winners at CSAW'15.

csaw15_1 csaw15_2

Wildcats Team 2016: Sean Kramer (senior), Zhiming Zhang (first year Master). The 3rd Place Winners at CSAW'16. More details on UNH Today.

Trophy16 csaw163

Wildcats Team 2017: Timothy Harry, Ethan Stewart, and Joshua Kuun (seniors). The 3rd Place Winners at CSAW'17.

csaw17_1 csaw17_2