Prof. Yu organizes a special session at the GLSVLSI'19.

April 22, 2019

Prof. Yu and Prof. Kinsy (Boston University) co-organize a special session at the GLSVLSI'19: 

          Approximate Computing Systems Design: Energy Efficiency and Security Implications


Scope of Special Session:

Emerging computing systems, like probabilistic and approximate architectures for big data applications, sub-threshold and near-threshold designs for ultra-low power, and quantum system prototypes, have introduced a new class of challenges. Increasing computation complexity, limited power budget, rising security threats, and residual hardware defects are chief among these challenges. How to simultaneously tackle these new design constraints, in addition to the traditional ones, has become a pressing issue for the VLSI community. The proposed special session aims to form a cohort to shed light on the implementation of energy efficient, reliable, and secure emerging computing systems, with special emphasis on approximate and post-quantum computing systems. In this session, experts will share their vision on how to design emerging computing systems to balance energy, reliability, and security from circuit, microarchitecture, algorithm, and application levels.