WELCOME TO Female Figurine (Nepalese)

Nepalese Female Figurine  Site Objectives

In depth research, analysis, and preservation of University of New Hampshire Museum of Art's artifact: Nepalese female figurine. 

Here are learning points and site goals:

Analysis of Artifact

  1. Formal art analysis of sculpture to describe artifact fully
  2. Historical context of artifact
    1. Learn about religous and social importance of the female figurine 
    2. History of artifact: origins and uses
  3. Provenance & archival research of artifact

Methods & Technology

  1. Explanation of methods and tools utilized to create models for sake of preservation
  2. In depth explantion of photogammetry process to create 3-D model and print
  3. Analysis of 3D print and image model

Museum Collection

Description of type of collection Nepalese artifact may be included in